The Last Day
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Early 2000s. Diego and Ivan, two preadolescent boys, will soon have to leave the small town where they were born to go to study high school in different cities. Friends since childhood, this will be the first time that their paths are separated.

Like every afternoon since they were children, the boys hang out gor a football match in a plain of a small forest away from the village. Diego seems to rely too much on the life that awaits him away from the village. Ivan, on the other hand, cannot hide his fear. At some point, Diego kicks the ball particularly hard, and it disappears somewhere in the forest. Ivan runs behind it and finds it stuck on top of a tree. Judging the place where it has ended up, it can already be seen that it will not be easy to recover it.

Diego doesnt make much effort to get it back, but the situation takes an unexpected turn. After Ivan decides to try to get the ball back with hope, some facts will mark this childhood friendship forever.

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Miguel Alcalde has a degree in Audiovisual Communication from the Carlos III University of Madrid. After spending a year at Queen Mary University in London, where he specialised in Film Studies, he moved to Barcelona to pursue a Masters degree in Film Directing at the ESCAC. The making of several short films at this school led him to be in charge of the script and direction of the official video clip of the Celtas Cortos classic: “April 20th”. In 2019 he took the film screenwriting course at the Showrunners school in Barcelona. His feature film screenplay, “El camino de ida”, was chosen by Filmarkethub as the best project of its kind. Subsequently, this same script was chosen as one of the seven finalists of the Mallorca Talent Lab 2020, a screenplay laboratory organized by the Atlàntida Film Fest and Filmin. Coming Soon Films, acquired in 2020 the rights to this feature film to develop it. In 2021, “El camino de ida” obtained the help of the ICEC for the development of fiction feature films.

Recently, he has made the making-of in some Rodrigo Sorogoyen’s projects, “Antidisturbios” (Movistar+) and “As Bestas” (2022), as well as a docu-making of the first original production of Disney + Spain, “La última”, of which he has also directed the promotional teaser. At the same time, one of his latest short films, “AaMamá” (2020) was selected at the Sitges Festival, and “Un Minuto” (2021), his latest work, continues to add selections and awards at international festivals.

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Asier Flores
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Max Fresol